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Godkiller: Walk Among Us [HD download]

Item Price: $12.99

Available formats:
Illustrated Film
- DVD: $15 [add to cart]
- HD download: $12.99 [add to cart]
- SD-mobile download: $9.99 [add to cart]
Comic Book
- Complete perfect-bound paper graphic novel: $29.99 [add to cart]
- Individual digital comics: 99-cents [click here]

GODKILLER is a twisted, sci-fi/horror adventure about a 16 year old boy’s odyssey through a post-nuke wasteland (populated by fallen gods, organ-stealing hookers, and sex-addicted technowizards) as he searches for a new heart to save his dying sister.

“Post-nuclear punk odyssey Godkiller is making the jump from indie comic book to ‘illustrated film’ with engaging animation that merges sequential art, 3-D CGI and motion graphics… a horrific yarn of apocalypse, quantum physics, culture jamming and conspiracy theory.” –Scott Thill, Wired

“Matt Pizzolo sprinkles a little of everything naughty and twisted into this story and the result is an unpredictable adventure/horror/sci-fi mash-up that is definitely not for kids, but it’s damn cool… The terrors and debauchery in GODKILLER have to be seen to be believed… Looked at from a distance, this is a fairy tale about a boy on a quest to save someone he cares about, but as one becomes invested in this film, it drags you through the gutter that is Outer City and relishes in the filth that goes on in its winding streets and wretched alleyways. Pizzolo’s story really pulls the reader through the grime and keeps you on Tommy’s side so we care about this adventure and root for the innocent kid to make it out of this hell alive…. Anna Muckcracker shows a talent for both design and dramatic angles resulting in a film that sucks you in and makes you feel filthy for being there. GODKILLER is one of those stories which sticks with you long after seeing it. It’s filled with sordid fun and cracked horror. Pizzolo has a talent for both quick and heady dialogue as well as creative and fresh concepts that make this devious world of GODKILLER a place you’d want to dive into despite how dark it is.” –Ambush Bug, Aint It Cool News

“There are certain stories that come along every few years that challenge viewers, readers, and the world in ways almost so shockingly in your face that it is hard to process upon the first viewing. A perfect example of this would be Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE which was a sweeping narrative that encompassed many of the social issues that were plaguing the country at the time… So when I sat down to watch GODKILLER I could imagine myself being one of those critics who watched A CLOCKWORK ORANGE for the first time… GODKILLER dares to get in your face and test your best inhibitions while at the same time doing its best to make you THINK. Pizzolo is giving you a healthy dose of social commentary to go along with your bloody genre offering… a flawless piece of genre fare… a treat for fans of horror, sci-fi, comics, and animated films that is not to be missed.” –Theo Scheresky, Bloody Disgusting

“Once in a while an underground niche will burst to the surface and lay down a title that has the power to reach a wider audience. That’s exactly the kind of film Godkiller is. I loved the art style, dug the soundtrack and simply swooned at the cyberpunk storytelling. I didn’t check my watch once and I’m already looking forward to Pizzolo’s next project. I believe it’s a quality addition to regular animation and live action film that captures cinematic strengths through another layer of abstraction. Great stuff.” –by Niels Matthijs, Twitch

“Godkiller, I must say – I really am at a loss of words. Godkiller essentially stabbed me in the gut and has left me quite speechless. I’ve honestly never seen anything quite like Godkiller before. Built from the ground up, inventing as they go… it challenges conventional cinema, both live action and animated. It also is clear that, had this been a live action film, it would have essentially been unfilmable, because I can only imagine how many laws would be broken based on the torture placed on the characters. It’s an experience in and of itself watching the film… I can only imagine how much more intense the next film is going to look. And, given Pizzolo’s ideas here, how freaking disturbing it’ll be. To summarize, Godkiller: Walk Among Us is a disgusting and filthy good time. It will push your limits for conventional cinema as well as your tolerance levels for gore and things of the dark nature. Watch at your own risk.” –Matthew Meylikhov, Multiversity Comics

“Intriguing… mixes dark visuals, graphic violence, profanity and a speed metal soundtrack into an oddly alluring post-nuclear holocaust.” –John DeNardo, SF Signal

Based on the comic book by award-winning writer-director Matt Pizzolo and illustrator Anna Muckcracker, GODKILLER mixes unforgiving brutality, quantum physics, conspiracy theory, and secret history for an iconoclastic hero’s journey like none before it.

Starring the voice talents of Lance Henriksen (AVP: Alien vs Predator), Danielle Harris (Halloween movies), Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), Tiffany Shepis (Night of the Demons), Justin Pierre (singer Motion City Soundtrack), and Davey Havok (singer A.F.I.).

DVD & Download Includes:
- A beautifully mastered widescreen presentation of GODKILLER: WALK AMONG US complete feature film plus never-before-seen epilogue (82 mins);
- High-resolution, digital PDFs of the Godkiller: Walk Among Us comic book series (6 issues) (215 pages);
- Chapters 1-3 of the brand new prequel novel GODKILLER: SILENT WAR included on the DVD as an mp3 audiobook, an e-book PDF, and an audiobook that is playable right through your DVD player (43 mins).
[Set in the near future, GODKILLER: SILENT WAR tells the story of Joe Junior, a 17-year old draft-dodger who is recruited by an armed cult of populist assassins and thrust into a secret world of international cabals, alien conspiracies, and the countdown to Armageddon.]

About ‘Illustrated Film’
Illustrated Film is a new filmmaking format developed by award-winning filmmaker Matt Pizzolo and Emmy-winner Brian Giberson that mixes elements of anime, radio drama, video games, and motion comics. Utilizing the original artwork from the comic book, the ‘Illustrated Film’ adds motion animation, visual effects, elaborate sound design, music, 3D-CGI, and voice-acting performances for a bold new way of telling stories.

[From preview part 1 review] “Matt Pizzolo’s tale of love, death, and organ harvesting; all set in a disgusting post apocalyptic wasteland. Looks as fantastic as you can expect… it’s hard not to give this a 9/10!” –Chip Parton, Sins of Cinema Review

[From preview part 1 review] “Usually I can’t stand motion comics… however, I was somehow drawn to Godkiller’s comic aspect. The only word I can use to describe Godkiller’s tone is grimdark. The episode’s grim-darkness is clear, but not over applied, with all kinds of crazy organ-stealing, brutality and cannibalism, murder, and prostitution. I cannot wait for more of this. On a five scale, I give it a four. It entertained, it looked good, and I felt good watching it.” –Ryan Miller, EuroCultAV
[From preview part 2 review] “They’re clearly improving with every stroke of this magnificent series. Another cliffhanger has brought me to my knees with anticipation and I again cannot wait for the next volume to come out. This DVD earns every bit of the 4.5 grade I’m giving it. And you owe it to yourselves to watch it. 4.5/5″ –Ryan Miller, EuroCultAV

Godkiller: Walk Among Us [HD download]:

“A horrific yarn of apocalypse, quantum physics, culture jamming and conspiracy theory.” –Wired. “Stabbed me in the gut and left me speechless. Watch at your own risk.” –Multiversity Comics

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